Our Koroit Irish Heritage

The story of Koroit, the Irish and the humble spud may have began way back in the 1850s, but layers are still being added today.
Simone Mugavin-Johnson is part of the new generation who work the rich volcanic soil around Koroit to produce spuds that taste like no other. Simone has a family lineage that goes back to Ireland itself, and she follows in the footsteps of her grandfather, KP Mugavin, and her father, Brian Mugavin, in growing and picking spuds in paddocks around Koroit and district. When Simone is not toiling away in the spud paddock, she is plying her trade as a wool classer, working alongside her husband Mark Johnson.
“I’ve always looked working on the farm, it’s great fun,” Simone said.
“It keeps me busy and it’s nice to carry on a family tradition.
“The Irish link is there for our family and plenty of others in the community so it is good to celebrate it.”