COVIDSafe Plan


Our COVIDSafe Plan for the 2021 Koroit Irish Festival, April 30 – May 2, is now registered with the Victorian state government. Here are the key components of the plan.


The Victorian state government has classified the Koroit Irish Festival as a Low Risk Tier 2 Public Event.
This level of event must have less than 5000 attendees, which the festival will comply with.


Density levels for the Low Risk Tier 2 Public Event are at 75 per cent of capacity allowed. Our main festival arena is well under this, with an area of 10,400 sq metres, easily coming under the allowance of 5000 people.
Changes made by the state government on April 9 also allow the festival to have 100 per cent capacity in its main indoor venue, the Koroit Theatre.
The state government reply to whether we qualified for this extension of capacity was this:
“Upon further review of the details in the COVIDSafe Event plan and correspondence in regards to this event, for all indoor and outdoor event venues within your COVIDSafe Event Plan, you can now operate at 100% capacity with up to 1,000 attendees.”

The Koroit Theatre will host the Friday night concert and will be a satellite venue for the festival on the Saturday. It will be fully seated. The theatre will be manned during the festival with entry by ticket holders only. Like the rest of the festival, the Koroit Theatre will follow all aspects of the festival’s COVID-Safe Plan that is explained on this page.

Other festival venues, such as the Koroit Commercial Hotel and Izzy’s Restaurant, will have their own COVID-Safe Plans in place which they operate under during the pandemic.


Gates will be manned by volunteers from the Koroit Lions Club. All tickets will be pre-purchased with Trybooking with each ticket scanned with full details – name, phone, email, address – of each person in that scan. This will tell us who has entered the festival and at what time. We will also have Victorian government provided QR code readers in operation as an extra layer of contact tracing. Marks will be placed on the ground where people line-up, these marks will be the required distance apart as per the COVID-19 requirements of that time. Hand sanitiser will be made available at each entry point and all attendees will be required to be in possession of a mask and will be required to wear it is the circumstance arises, within government regulations. Signage will be erected with what steps patrons are required to follow – again relevant to state government restrictions at the time.


*Hand Sanister will be placed throughout the festival. This will include at entry gates, in toilets and at food and drink vendors.
*The setting up of the festival, takes away many high traffic points when it comes to hand contact. The only door handles will be at toilets, which we can cleaned regularly.
*Having all tickets pre-purchased will take away hand traffic at entry gates.
*Community or commercial organisations providing food and drink options will need to provide the festival with their own plans and checklists to ensure hand hygiene is a priority.
*Commercial cleaners will be employed and they too will need to provide a COVID19 Safe plan or checklist.


*The festival capacity will meet the required limits as set out by the state government at the time.


*Ticket holders will receive regular festival updates from the Koroit Irish Festival. This will include a link to the state government’s COVID page, which updates daily.
*Signage will be prominent at the festival, pointing to the importance of social distancing, sanitising hands and reporting any symptoms prior to entry.


The festival is ran with the approval of our local government body, the Moyne Shire, and meets all their safety standards. The festival also works closely with our local Victoria police officers, CFA branch and SES unit. As well as these emergency services members being on hand during the festival, we also have a fully-trained experienced paramedic volunteer to be on hand at the festival.


A regular and thorough cleaning schedule must be implemented before, during and after the event with high traffic areas such as toilets and frequently touched objects such as door handles, counters and railings regularly disinfected.


If there is a COVID case at the festival, or any other need for isolation, 158 Commercial Road is the address chosen to cater for this.


Our Street Procession would be held at 12 noon on Saturday May 1.
The procession will last at most 30 minutes.
The procession will begin on North Street Koroit, where it will travel 300 metres onto Commercial Road Koroit.
It would then continue on Commercial Road for 400 metres, concluding at the start of the Commercial Hotel and onto the Village Green.
The procession will be restricted to people walking, with no vehicles.
The walking will be done in groups of 10, with participations 1.5 metres apart.
Organisations can have multiple groups of 10.
Each group will be separated by at least 10 metres from each other.
The groups will also be at least two metres from the crowd lined up to watch the procession.
The groups will be made up of children from the town’s primary schools, members of sporting clubs and community organisations, performers and other groups of interest. There could be between 20 or 30 groups of 10 or less, all following the same rules.
The crowd watching will be supervised by COVID Marshalls and other festival committee members and volunteers.
The crowd is expected to remain safely socially distanced.
All those taking part in the procession must have a festival ticket,
which will need to be pre-purchased online. There will be no tickets for sale at the gate.
The assembly area for the procession will be on North Street, near the end of the Village Green fence, from 11.40am.